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A product of a village-or cohesive community of adults dedicated to elevating youth, Terrance
knows firsthand the importance of building a collaborative network. The T.U.C.K Project is
committed to forming strong relationships with like-hearted organizations and agencies to fill
the gaps in support. From law enforcement teams, school personnel, local businesses, and
public-serving individuals-we want to grow together, in order to serve more youth. We do so by:

  • Hosting community meetings centered around the continuum of care for our youth

  • Garnering buy-in and support from the youth we serve, and youth-serving organizations

  • Facilitating a two-way referral system with organizations and systems that fill a need, or require our support

  • Having a board of directors reflective of the agencies that serve our youth


Become a referral partner

or advocate!

Volunteer your time

or talent.

Serve as a funding source. No amount is too little to make a big change.

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